Bad Breath


What Causes Bad Breath?

When you know the reason behind bad breath, you’ve already fought half of the battle. A bad odor coming from your mouth can be one of many reasons. Halitosis, also known as “bad breath”, often starts from poor oral hygiene. Bacteria particles get trapped on the surface of your teeth, gums and tongue which then causes a foul odor. When enough of the bacteria have collected, it creates a film on the surface called plaque. People with dry mouth have a greater risk of bad breath because saliva helps wash down the bacteria which contains the odor. Having certain health conditions can be a byproduct of bad breath, any type of bodily infections can cause it.

What exactly causes the mouth to smell bad?

The odor doesn’t really go away until it’s processed through your entire body. A poor diet can also be a factor as the things you digest cause a chemical that absorbs into your blood stream then into your lungs as you exhale, leaving that lingering awful smell. Infections in your mouth such as carries, lesions, periodontal (gum) disease are some other reasons for bad breath. Doing preventative work at home can help reduce your chances at bad breath. The American Dental Society recommends you brush at least twice a day and floss daily also using an antibacterial mouth rinse to eliminate bacteria levels. If you live in the Corona area, and are concerned with your bad breath, contact us at one of our convenient offices and we will identify and develop a treatment plan to eliminate the odor variables. Finally, it is important to continue to maintain visits to your dentist, at a minimum biannually, and follow through with their recommended treatment plan designed specifically for you. Caring for your mouth right now will help to limit the odors and reduce the risk of gum disease.