School teacher who came to our office and was shy to smile because of her teeth. Crowns where suggested. Patient is smiling and her lifestyle has completely changed.

Patient in mid 30’s lost front tooth when she was child. Previous dentist fix her tooth but patient always noticed her two front teeth. Bridge remade.

Mid treatment showing Dr. Banerjee’s work. Two temporary crowns on the front teeth after the teeth where prepped and permanent crowns 2 weeks later.

Our mission at Canyon Dental, in Corona, is to make a positive impact on every single patient that we serve.

Patient presented with the following problem. She could not afford to fix all her front teeth. Traditional bridge was made to match with existing teeth. Patient was very happy.

This patient had sever damage to all his front teeth. Six front teeth were capped. Patient will be returning for other treatment.

Patient didn’t like her smile. She didn’t want orthodontic treatment. All ceramic crowns where done to fix her smile line.