Mouth Guard

What is a mouth guard?

Mouth guard is an appliance made to protect the teeth and the tissue around the teeth. Many different options are available depending on the need.

Mouth piece for night grinding or clenching?

Many patient present to our office with problems with their jaw and pain around the mouth associated with grinding or clenching. Our dentist does a visual examination to check for any signs of grinding or clenching before prescribing the type of mouth guard necessary to help reduce the stress in the mouth. If left untreated this problem can damage the teeth, surrounding tissue and the jaw joint call TMJ.

Sports Mouth Guard

Children and Adults playing any type of sport or recreation activity might to prone to teeth or jaw injury. It’s highly suggestive to consult your dentist for an appliance that can be custom fitted for mouth guard for protect and prevention.

Sleep apnea mouth guards

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea consult our dentist for some options.