Root Canal

What is root canal treatment?

A root canal is a procedure done to remove the damaged portion of the tooth which is mainly the pulp.
The internal damage of a tooth can be caused by many things including a istock_000086265831_large-805x503cavity, trauma, gum disease or even damage during an operative procedure to the tooth. The diagnosis of a damaged pulp involves comprehensive pain and involved pain history. The dentist may take x-rays, push around the tooth, and does testing of the tooth with a hot and cold test and an electric device. This helps determine the status of the tooth.

What is root canal therapy?

A root canal therapy is started if the tooth is diagnosed as dead, dying and/or the tooth has been so badly damaged that the nerve must be removed if the tooth is to remain functional. Once the dentist determines that tooth needs a root canal treatment, the area for treatment is numbed. A plastic damn is placed in between the teeth for isolation of the treating tooth and patient safety from the instruments being used. The doctor uses small files to clean the inside the nerve of the tooth. Once the cleaning off the canal has been completed and all the debris from the inside has been removed the dentist seals tooth with a temporary filling and possibly a crown to keep the tooth from fracturing. Treatment is successful if the tooth is functional, symptom-free and it has normal radiographic appearance. Surgical methods of treatment are suggested for failing root canals.